attendees currently registered

This list is added to regularly but is not updated in real time. If you have just registered (be SURE you completed the entire green/gold form on the registration page!) and don't see your name yet, please check back in a couple of days.

Bill Nuttall             Nuttall Assoc. Chem. Brokers

Makesha Sanders     STI Polymer
Jeff Lamb                  STI Polymer
Sabrina Burks                  Eastman Chemical
Amanda R Brown      Eastman Chemical Company
William Dickinson       LORD Corporation
Charlie Rose               Research Solutions Group
Deborah McLaughlin  LORD Corporation
Randy Seawright      LyondellBasell
Brian Crumpton      ICL Specialty Products
Larry Oxford                 Trinity Manufacturing
Philip Younis                 Eastman Chemical Co
Ashley Maroney      Encore Container
Rick Higginbotham     Research Solutions Group
Rob Roberts               Colonial Chemical Solutions
Jeremy Detwiler         Colonial Chemical Solutions
Gary Delk                 Harcros Chemicals
Glenn Austin                 Chemsolv
Jamie Austin                 Chemsolv
Viviana Delk                 Harcros Chemicals
Rob Roberts                 Colonial Chemical Solutions 
Thomas Ribbans      Church & Dwight
Kevin McGinty                 Tata Chemicals North America
Collin Bremer                  Royal Chemical
John Olson                 Nova Molecular Technologies, Inc
Jay Shealy                  Nova Molecular Technologies, Inc.
Frank Anastasia          Nease Company LLC
Colie Whitaker            Whitaker Oil Company
Bart Whitaker              Whitaker Oil Company
Tom Wolk                 Univar
Frank Little                 Piedmont Chemical Industries
Jeff Lloyd                            Industrial Chemical
Nick Poland                 Eastman Chemical Company
Dave Benson                 US Chemicals
Art Burns                            OctoCHem, Inc.
Daivd Chatham     Univar
Sarah Pohlman     Univar
Jim Marczesky     Univar USA
Daniel Nantz                Clariant Corporation
Emil Delgado                Piedmont Chemical Industries I, LLC
Karen Sensabaugh    Eastman Chemical
Ryan Bowen                PeroxyChem
Bert MacPherson    PeroxyChem LLC
Ed West                           General Steel Drum, LLC
Bob Bishop                Tilley Chemical
Jessica Shields          Nexeo Solutions
James Chickowski     Nexeo Solutions
Kristen Futrell            Concordia Chemical
Andrew Novak           Tilley Chemical Co.
Sherry                            Nexeo Solutions LLC
Thomas Corrado        Nu Resources, Inc
Scott Mollison            Colonial Chemical Solutions
Jordan Rau                The Dow Chemical Company
Ismene Bouyoucos-Russell   The Dow Chemical Company
Alan S. Headden    Archroma
Dean Bostic                Acme-Hardesty
Steven Chaffin     Acme-Hardesty
Todd Whitaker                Nexeo Solutions
Chad Dollander    Colonial Group Inc.
Taylor Magee                Calumet Specialty Products
Ruben                           Archroma
Jason Fetzer               Nicca USA, Inc.
April Yeager     
Brian Crumpton    ICL Specialty Products
Dan McLaughlin    ICL Specialty Products
Joni Milazzo               Calumet Specialty Products
Andy Sapp               Univar
Scott Bridges               Superior Oil Company
Jayson Blanton    Superior
Bryan Gooch               Nutrien
Jay Winters               Dow Chemical
Morgan Washick    Chem International
Dick Cole                           Reagent Chemical
Bart E. Koch               Cone Solvents
Brock Hunt               Nutrien
Shane Lorah           Helm US
David McLeish   Nutrien
David McLeish   Nutrien
MJ Snyder               Royal Adhesives & Sealants
Robert Graupner   Clariant Corporation
Chuck Tallant               Calumet Refining
Jay Shealy               Nova Molecular Technologies, Inc
John A Schwartz   Consulting Engineering Services, LLC
Gregory Wehr               ChemGroup, Inc.
Shannon Ballew   Univar
Shannon Ballew   Univar
Joe Detyens              NASi
Tom McKernan  JG Chempac
Jon Pio                          Univar
Warren Groseclose   Hillcrest Transportation
Sarah Pohlman   Univar
Ryan Chandler   Colonial Terminals
Vinay Vasuki               Clariant
Bill Parker              OXEA
Paul Kostrzewski  FMC Corporation
Betsy Simonds  Genesis Alkali
Greg Siminoski  Suffolk Solutions, Inc.
Rob                                    Reagent Chemical
Scott L. Macdonald Marubeni Specialty Chemoicals, Inc.
Chad Dollander Colonial Terminals Inc.
Stan                                    Colonial Chemical Solutions, Inc.
Rob Foley            Harcros Chemicals
Jordan R. Smith Colonial Chemical Solutions
Steven Cassaniti ExxonMobil Chemical Company
Ken Brown            Prefered Products
Dale Ferrell         Evonik Corporation
Randy Bumgarner Van Horn Metz, Inc
Joseph Weller             Precision IBC
Kevin Eichorn            Colonial Chemical Solutions
Leonard Sugg            Reagent Chemical (retired)
Tom Kiesner            United Bags Inc.
Ralph Arrington          Colonial Chemical Solutions
Jason Marti         Southern Chemical & Textiles
Cameron Whaley Southern Chemical & Textiles
Jonathan Faith Southern Chemical and Textiles
Joe Santo             SCT
Nate Camire            AllChem Industries
Brian Milan            AllChem Industries
Mike Taylorson           CFS Enterprises, Inc
Adrian Tallack            Concordia Chemical LLC
Trevor King            Starchem, LLC
Chip                                   ERCO